Maybe you’ve heard of the donkey rig (the double fluke rig), or maybe you’re just looking for a new trailer for your chatterbait.  Whatever it is that got you looking at fluke-like baits, you need to know one thing:  this one by Damiki is a gets bites from big fish better than any of the others.  Let me break down the reasons why for you right now.


The Damiki Gizzard Shad has a bigger profile than any other soft jerkbait I’ve thrown.  This will allow you to do a lot of things and a lot of things better.  To begin with the added weight and size means you can make longer casts in open water, but you can also skip them in and around docks better (more skips) and further.  My first time using these baits was while fishing for stripers around dock lights at night in New Jersey.  The bait feels amazing when you use it.  It’s perfectly weighted, has great durability, and you can get the penetration you need without having to set the hook like you’re bearing down on a shark.  Salt water is tremendously hard on baits, so if it holds up there you know it’s great in fresh water.


What I really like about this bait now that I’ve used it for a few months is that it’s not just a great fluke bait, but it’s also my favorite trailer option for chatterbaits and spinnerbaits.  My reasons are that it stays on the hook better, possibly because it’s a higher-grade plastic (saltwater plastic normally is higher grade).  The added action doesn’t take over like I was afraid it might because it’s so much bigger than the other trailers I’ve used in the past.  It actually feels like this was how it was intended to be used which is a huge bonus for me since this was not my primary reason for buying it in the first place.  I’d previously used the Lake Fork trailers just because that was what I had always used and my catch rate increased about 3.5x since switching to the Damiki (I actually did use them both side by side just to be sure I wasn’t imagining the difference).


If you like throwing flukes, you’re gonna love this bait.  If you haven’t thrown flukes you should start and I would start with this one.  Yes it is bigger, no it’s not too big to use for smallies or the Donkey Rig.  It’s a great largemouth bait as well, especially post-spawn or now during the fall-winter transition.  See the Dock Light video I was talking about here: